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Grace Kennedy Panda

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 105
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Artist Statement:

The process of making art for me creates a space for curiosity and search with the unknown, in full but hungry purpose, which grows synchronicity in my daily practices. I make work that is an exploration of myself, others and our environment. Through abstracted space worked through movement, memory and direct observation, one can explore own inner nature and storytelling. Feelings, illusions, or images from the illustrative subconscious make up the viewing process. I love to draw from in and around me. Making artwork becomes paramount for the time I love to take observing and learning. The lines of movement, shapes found, and colors emerging and colliding are thrilling. Building a visual language becomes a practice that helps speak within and from me, growing together the psychic, emotional and physical aspects of being. It is a challenge and joy to share a communicative practice.

Lola and the Construction