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Paul Goldman

Art Explosion Studios

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Artist Statement:

I am mostly self-taught, but have taken painting courses at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Mass. College of Art, and the San Francisco Art Institute. Most of my work now is done on board, incorporating different styles and subject matter. My work explores themes related to mood, memories, and contemporary life. At the same time, I continually experiment with different ways of applying paint ranging from realistic to expressionistic to abstract. I want my figurative paintings to have the best of both worlds: realisms accessibility and suggestiveness and abstract expressionisms being about painting and the art of painting. My work is like David Lynchs in that its kind of mysterious, kind of sensual, and kind of dark, yet also, I hope, fun in a way. Major influences include Edward Hopper, early David Hockney, and Richard Diebenkorn and the other Bay Area Figurative artists.

Watching the Detectives