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Art Explosion
Spring Open Studios
April 1- 3 2016

Invite friends and make plans...

Opening Reception: Friday April 1st 7pm - 11pm

Art Explosion Studios, the Mission's largest Artist's collective is holding its annual Spring Open Studios on April 1-3. Come see over 100 artists as they open their studios to exhibit their work. Painters, sculptures, photographers, fashion designers and jewellers will be showing so there will be something for every type of art connoisseur. The free opening reception gala will be on April Fools Day, Friday, April 1st from 7-11pm. Do not miss this opportunity to get a first look at all the incredible work that will be on display and enjoy a spectacular night out viewing art. In addition to artists opening their studios our galleries will be filled with art. On Sat & Sun we will have open studios from 12-5pm. Come meet the artists in their studios and get a personal showing of their art. As always Free Admission with plentiful street parking.

Two Locations:

2425 17th St, SF, CA
744 Alabama St, SF, CA

Free Admission

Participating Artists:

Geoff Wolfe, Claire Bain, Mary Lou Hanley, Michael Barbee, Christie La Russell, Emily Citraro, Leo Cameron Felix, Mimi Herrera-Pease, Nancy Hammer, Nathalie Roland, Ron Poznicek, Mallika Prakash, Calvin Lai, Blake Tucker, Bianca Levan, Nining Muir, Jude Fauconnier, Su Evers, McKenzie Coonce, Anastasia Faiella, Adrienne Leifer, Cat Kaley McCarroll, Peter Warren, Don Ross, Vadim Puyandaev, Nadine Defranoux, Vera Gates, Rene Villa, Jary Niebur, Jen Kindell, Elizabeth Scarborough, Suchitra Sharma, Diana Elrod, Mary March, Joseph Poinski, Madalynn Priester, Anna Chen, Kathryn McCarron, Stacey Bennis, Tanya Behar, Dan Garzi, Michael Wilson, Tim Svenonius, Matt Jaffe, Charles Keatts, Nobuhiro Sato, Mary Stengel Bentley, Kelli Robinson, Sophia Green, Margarita Soyfertis, Rex Ma, Sue Fandel, LUCIA GONNELLA, Jennifer Emerson, Tristan Evans, Alicja Bajorska, Randall Robertson, James Banville, Susan Brilliant, Benjamin Hersh, Lynda Hirose, James Derieg, Albert Lewis, Catherine Sky, Catherine Di Napoli, Carrie Nardello, Kimberley Jones, Alexandra Picard, James Key, Kate Miller, Reza Alhosseini, Anne Scallon, Carla Caletti, PATRICIA RUBIO, Shem Nguyen, Jamie Corley, Emily Beeson, Daniel Barreiro, Katerina Connearney, Flo Pizzarello, Laurence Srinivasan, Catherine McMillan, Patrick McKiernan, Michelle Mongan, Christopher Mueller, Bernadette Cay, Jennifer Banzaca, Paul Braybrook, Kasper Jeppesen, Elodie Boucher, Leslie Ann Ravel, Yon Sim, Dario D, Gayle Walsworth, Dannielle Sergent, Shannon Tallcouch, Martha Kleihege, Jaclyn Lenee, Alison Wong, Tessa Kemp, Mike Sall, Tessa Petrich, June Li, Mike Scagliotti, Shannon Stovall, Vicky Sio, Mike Williams